• GDVCAMERA Bio-Well by Dr. Korotkov


    GDVCAMERA – Stress & Energy level measurement GDVCAMERA has been developed by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, Alexander Laptev, Dr. Alexander Kuznetsov, Boris Krylov and …

  • Translighters


    Translighters technologies by Dr. Sergey Avdeev and Kirill Korotkov Translighters Devices – Human Potential Movement Equipment Translighters Digital – Files with Translighters …

  • MyStone

    MyStone device

    MyStone device by Dr. Kozhemyakin Sport, Health, Beauty Equipment in one device – MyStone by Dr. Kozhemyakin Bonus from GDVPLANET  Human Light System Online …

  • The Biointernet Meditation

    Files with Functions Technologies

    Files with Functions Technologies Virtual Health Technologies Translighters Digital – images, videos and other kind files with Translighters functions Informational Copy …


Human Light System Series – tv series by Kirill Korotkov

HLS Series, part One

The Healer – Documentary by Kirill Korotkov


The Healer. Trailer. (more…)

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Translighters Games Season 1, Episodes ##1-19 free on the Translighters website here

Welcome to the Biointernet!


TG#31, GLAGA Gold

How to reduce stress in a relationship?

TG2, E15 – Secret of the Golden Keys

TG, S2, E15 – Secret of the Golden Keys TG, S2, E15 Secret of the Golden Key will take place on …

TG22, Golden Apple, The Biointernet Network and Magic Cubes

Order Human Light System Online Course Now! Welcome to Translighters Games! You can order HLS Course on DrK bookstore or Translighters Store HLS 1.0 – …

TG 32, Gold Game

How to reduce stress in a relationship?


Light emissions and relationship to human body, the concept of light emission from human beings
Taittiriya Upanishads, India, 1000 – 650 BC

Human Light System Online Course 

experimental 5 years online course

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GDV Sputnik and Bio-Well instrument

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